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Do You Need Help with a Title Search?

A title search is necessary to determine whether the seller has a saleable interest in the property, and whether there are any liens on the property which need to be paid off at closing, such as mortgages, back taxes, or other assessments.

Once the title search is finished, a preliminary title report will be issued. In addition to any liens or loans, the title report lists any easements on the property, which are legal rights to use the property of another for a specific purpose. For example, an easement might give your neighbor the right to use your driveway to access his garage. Any issues or problems with the title should be resolved before closing.

When you are buying real estate, nearly all institutional lenders require you to purchase title insurance. Title insurance protects the owner's or lender's financial interest should any title problems that arise after the property is sold, such as liens that were missed during the title search.

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Our attorney Lynn Pollard performs title searches for residental and commercial transactions. She is also an agent for Stewart Title Insurance Company and offers both loan and owner’s policies for these transactions.

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